Fires of Transformation: A Fire Ceremony for Monthly Renewal

I will be offering the "change of season" ceremonies in my office/studio at 1600 Harrison Avenue, Suite 203A, Mamaroneck, NY 10543 or other outdoor sacred places. Please check back for the details. 

Thank you for coming to celebrate the Spring Equinox on March 19 and the Winter Solstice with us on Sunday, December 20th to Wainwright House in Rye at 5pm. We explored the cycles of life energy and manifestation, power-over, grief and power-with. We will also built a despacho at the Solstice and released it's prayers with the support of grandmother grandfather fire. At the Equinox we shared an ancient Quechua ceremony of rebirth.  

Thank you for dancing and chanting your hearts out with amazing Alessandra Belloni for the summer solstice! See you at the Equinox...

Thank you for your beautiful presence at the spring equinox! Looking forward to the summer solstice! See you then...

Thank you for the blessing of your beautiful presence at Wainwright House on September 22, 2013 at 5:30pm for the Equinox Fire Ceremony and for joining us in praying for all beings. Thank you to Leigh, Rebecca, and Kelly for your support with the ceremony, and Regina, Jeannie and Sharon for the beautiful prayer ties. 

Thank you for being part of the Solstice Ceremony at Wainwright House on Friday June 21 at 8pm! We hope to see you all at the Fall Equinox!

Thank you for being a vital part of the Winter Solstice Ceremony at Wainwright House on December 21, 2012. We created a beautiful celebration together. We will hold you in our hearts as we shift into this new time of evolutionary possiblities!

Thank you for coming to the Autumn Equinox Fire Ceremony at Wainwright House on September 19, 2012. We had such a beautiful fire, sunset and sharing! (And no bugs...) 

Thank you for braving the heat and mesquitos so we could experience the joy of making mesas together at the Summer Solstice. And special thanks to Regina, Sara and Peter! See you all in the fall!

Thank you for coming to the Spring Equinox Fire Ceremony at Wainwright House in Rye on Monday March 18, 2012 at 6 pm, meditating on the Medicine Wheel, releasing what we no longer needed to the fire, receiving support and offering our prayers for all beings. It was a beautiful ceremony we created together. Please come to the Summer Solstice in June. Call 914-967-6080 to register and go to for directions.


Thank you to everyone who attended the winter solstice ceremony on Sunday, Decemeber 18th at 4pm at Wainwright House in Rye, NY.  Thank you for sharing your holiday spirit and dreams, visions, wishes and prayers for the new year at this auspicious time in the evolution of consciousness. 

Thank you to all who endured the hungry mosquitos and disorienting darkness to celebrate the autumn equinox fire ceremony with us at Wainwright House in Rye, NY on September 25, 2011 at 7pm. There are some special gifts we receive from this type of dedication as we sent needed prayers out into the collective energy.  

Thank you for celebrating the Summer Solstice with us on Monday, June 20, 2011 at 6:30pm. Thank you Pachamama for such a beautiful night to dance and pray, to stand in the light and watch the sunset.  

Thank you for joining us for the Spring Equinox Ceremony at Wainwright House on Sunday, March 20th at 4:30pm. We planted our organic seeds for a peaceful and just world for all beings, and connected with the sweet earth and the sacred, passionate fire!

Thank you for joining us for the Winter Solstice at Wainwright House on Sunday, Dec. 19, 2010. It was a beautiful, powerful co-creation!

Thank you for joining us for the Autumn Equinox on September 22, 2010 at Wainwright House. We were blessed by the beautiful storm, light show and rain....perfect timing! Our prayers empowered by the elements of nature...  

Our last fire ceremony at the Oaks was held on April 5, 2009 in honor of our dear friend and teacher Dennis Bussell, Cherokee Medicine Man who facillitated the Sweat Lodge there. We are still mourning his loss, celebrating his life and sharing his teachings. A special thank you to all who attended the summer solstice, autumn equinox and winter solstice ceremonies at Wainwright House. The sincerity, warmth and enthusiasm of all who participated have made them beautiful experiences.  



It is time to release old beliefs, unhealthy patterns and broken dreams into the fires of transformation.

It is also time to bring your new dreams for peace, compassion, creativity and balance to the fire and all the elements so they will manifest for personal joy and the greater good.


Come to a life altering fire ceremony by beautiful Long Island Sound.....

This year we will be adding another dimension to our fire ceremony. I will be sharing the Munay-Ki Rites and inviting participants to use the fire to nurture the seeds that are planted by the rites (which are nourished by fire). We will also continue to dance the elements, strengthening our spiritual connection to the threads with which we dream and weave our reality.


The ceremony facillitators are:

Leigh Reeves, BS, MBA, has extensive corporate management experience in the areas of telecommunications, marketing and publishing. She is trustee of the board of the LOFT and is a certified shamanic healing practioner. She has led this fire ceremony for many diverse groups.

Susan Wright, LMT, LCSW is the director of the Birth of Venus Center for yoga and healing in Mamaroneck, NY. She is a Gestalt psychotherapist and teaches shamanic healing. Her new book, The Chakras in Shamanic Practice has been released by Inner Traditions/Destiny Books.

Powerful shamanic drumming provided by Rebecca Kane, MFA, LCSW. is committed to providing earth centered spiritual ceremonies and practices for all interested beings. We offer ongoing ceremonies and classes on a donation only basis. We ask all humans to consider this question. "How much do we really need?" and "Are the actions I am currently taking fair for all beings everywhere?" We can release our fear, materialism and greed into the fire creating a safer, more beautiful world for all beings and spirits.

We offer powerful, individually designed fire ceremonies to honor all life passages including birthdays, housewarmings, promotions, graduations, engagements, showers, etc. Please call for further information.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • Fire Ceremonies
  • Garage sale for the clutter in your mind
  • Usher in some changes
  • Give life to your Dreams

Want more information? Call us at 914-420-2523