About Us

Susan J. Wright, LMT, LCSW-R, E-RYT created and directs the Birth of Venus Center for Yoga and Healing. She is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher, Gestalt Psychotherapist and Reflexologist. She is also a licensed Massage Therapist and Clinical Social Worker with over 30 years of experience in the body/mind/spirit healing professions and the author of the book, The Chakras in Shamanic Practice: Eight Stages of Healing and Transformation, published by Inner Traditions books.

"I offer individual sessions in Wholistic/Gestalt Psychotherapy, Shamanic Healing Journey and Ceremony, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology and Yoga to support the process of healing and growth. I look forward to hearing about and supporting you in clarifying your concerns, needs and dreams, while helping to heal any old traumas, so you feel yourself walking in balance and beauty on the journey of life. I welcome people with challenges that are physical, emotional, mental, and struggles of the soul. The healing energy of science and Spirit is available to us all."

If you are interested in shamanic healing but are not sure what it is or how I approach it, I invite you to read my book, The Chakras in Shamanic Practice. I usually have a copy available for loan at the office, but it can be good to have your own copy. Or come to the Medicine Wheel group to learn about some of the techniques. Shamanic Healing is a powerful practice of indigenous Medicine processes that heals the trauma that leads to disease while renewing our consciousness of our connection with Mother Earth and how we live with her. 

Gestalt Psychotherapy is an approach that supports the client in sensing her/his Gestalt or whole, expanded self, as the client's various aspects of self are brought into awareness, explored, and appreciated. Clients are invited to dialogue and create better internal relationships with these aspects of themselves and experiment with creativity and greater integrity to resolve conflict. All of what we do to survive and cope was originally an attempt to protect ourselves. Often in the present time we can find something new that works better and therapy provides the support to find these new actions and make them happen. My continued studies in Internal Family Systems therapy, Somatic Experiencing and other experiential techniques as well as other modalities enhance and broaden my skills, as a variety of different approaches are often required to support unique, complex individuals. 

Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial Release are both effective hands on healing/massage techniques that provide sustained pressure into myofascial restrictions to eliminate pain, headaches, back and neck aches while restoring motion. Myo refers to the muscles. Fascia, a beautiful web of the body's connective tissue that surrounds every cell and every organ and tissue in the body, may become restricted or "bound down" in response to trauma, (physical or emotional) and chronic inflammation. These techniques release these restrictions restoring the relaxed, flexible, healthy state of the body, returning the client to a pain free, active lifestyle.  

As of September 1, 2023, individual sessions are $160 for 45 minutes and $200 for one hour, sliding scale offered on an "as needed" basis. Extended sessions are possible for experiential work. 

Medicare (non-HMO) accepted for exclusively psychotherapeutic services. Client is responsible for copay.

48 hour cancellation policy: In the event that you cancel an appointment with less than 48 hours notice and if we can't reschedule easily within four days due to either of our unavailability, you will be charged for the missed session.


In these days of yoga's increasing popularity, at Birth of Venus we are making an effort to not get swept away by the business aspects of yoga as a commercial enterprise. We attempt to remember it as a spiritual art and desire to have it be available to anyone in the community that would like to study, regardless of ability to pay. I will continue to offer classes for a reasonable fee and I am looking for a location that would like to sponser an event or weekly or monthly community yoga class whose flexible donations would go to a community project for people in need. The Medicine Wheel group is availabe by donation when it takes place in my office ($5 to $50 suggested) and more than 50% of the money collected will go to VAS, NOW, American Friends of Pippi House, Heifer and other groups that serve the world community in the hopes that we may continue to create a new model for business driven by sharing rather than greed.


Doreen Grozinger, who co-facilitates the Saturday afternoon workshop, has been a student of yoga since the early 80's, but became a serious student in the 90's under Al Karmananda Trapanese and Susan Wright. After Al's death she began teaching his postures in Harrison through the Recreation Deparment. A new passion was born! Eager to share this knowledge, she became certified, and has expanded her teaching to the Birth of Venus studio. "My goal is to bring flexibility to mind, body and spirit, helping to bring awareness to the divinity in us all. When we realize the divine in us all, we live in peace." She is a wonderful, spiritual artist and a compassionate, enthusiastic teacher of art to children of all ages.



Our areas of expertise include:

  • Yoga for Health
  • Yoga for Stress
  • Yoga Teacher Training
  • Meditation
  • Gestalt Psychotherapy
  • Sacred Dance
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Shamanic Healer Training
  • Fire Ceremonies
  • Shamanic Workshops
  • Private Yoga Lessons

Want more information? Call Susan J. Wright at 914-420-2523