Chakras in Shamanism

Please come to the Medicine Wheel Group held monthly on Saturdays at 1600 Harrison Ave. (On pause due to Covid crisis.) We will focus on Mother Earth and the Heavens, the four directions and the developmental aspects of ourselves (inner child, teen, adult, elder) and our guides. We will journey to receive healing and support for the aspects of ourselves that are in need. We will bring consciousness to the dynamic of "power over" and learn more about being in "power with" Mother Earth. We will process our journeys and extend healing to others. This group is approximately two hours in length and may be a part of an individual shamanic healer training program. This individual training in shamanic healing may consist of a full year of group ceremonies (monthly and quarterly) as well as weekly individual sessions. After a year we can evaluate if you have received enough training for your specific purpose including the mastery of healing ceremonies you wish to facilitate. A certificate may be given for successful completion of this shamanic training. You may attend this ceremony to learn the process and receive healing even if you have no interest in being a healer yourself.


I am Pachamama

Mother Earth, Mother Universe.

I love you.

I feel you.

I heal you.

I embrace you

as the Andes

encircle the Sacred Valley.

I fill you

and dwell within you

as the spring warmth melts the snow

and swells the rivers.

I am Pachamama.

I love you.

I feel you.

I heal you.

I am you.


To read about the Shamanic Healer Training, scroll down the page a bit or call 914-420-2523.

You can order a copy of The Chakras in Shamanic Practice: Eight Stages of Healing and Transformation by going to and typing in Susan J. Wright in the keyword search

"How can we possibly keep our world from spinning out of balance if we don't have a fundamental understanding of our relationship to everything around us?"
-Wilma P. Mankiller, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma


The Shamanic Healer Training Program is offered on an individual basis for the calendar year. This means you can complete the training with focused, weekly hour to hour and a half sessions, supplemented with some additional group work (including the Medicine Wheel Ceremony group and Solstice and Equinox Ceremonies) and practice. 


The Chakras in Shamanic Practice: Eight Stages of Healing and Transformation - An in depth healing workshop and/or healer traning program

Come join us and be a vital part of the dreaming and actualization of the beautiful new time to come! We are determining each day whether we will be able to exist on Mother Earth in the near future by what we are now doing, individually and collectively. Three decades of study with shamans has revealed to me that much of our main stream "civilized" culture thwarts healthy development. Therefore we don't learn how to live in balance with Mother Earth and out of ignorance and greed, create and perpetuate global warming, the hole in the ozone layer and deadly pollution. Fortunately the roots of these and other destructive actions can be healed by moving into greater understanding of the power of the elements and the hearts of all beings.


In this workshop we will journey through all eight stages of human development so you can heal personal and cultural wounds and traumas from every stage of the life cycle, enhancing your past, present and future life. We wil do this by connecting to energies, beings and practices that hold us safely, lovingly, and strongly so conflict and crises can at last be resolved.

We will discuss and experientially explore:
-power animals and spirit guides
-soul retrieval
-vision quest
-sacred inner marriage
-shape shifting
-power retrieval
-ancestral healing
-death and rebirth

These powerful shamanic tasks propel us consciously through the chakras, or centers in the energy body, creating a bridge joining the personal and global realms of being. Through ceremony, dance, yoga, journey and other spiritual and therapeutic protocols that allow us to balance every chakra, we will heal ourselves and our world, remaining centered in a new completeness. It is through these collective practices and the integrity they develop that we may rekindle hope of living in balance with Mother Earth, reconnecting to a respectful way of life for all being and spirits everywhere.

We will continue to heal and support others in their healing as we embrace the Sacred Medicine Wheel honoring all Beings and aspects of ourselves in the Soul of Life and Spirit.

*Note for all Educational Centers: This workshop, The Chakras in Shamanic Practice, can be presented in many lengths according to need and availability. It may be (1) a brief two to three hour introductory workshop, (2) a one day long survey type class, (3) a week-end in depth experience, (4) a five day process of deep self exploration and healing. (5) The week-end and five day course may be combined into a healer training program.

This course is based on the material in my book, The Chakras in Shamanic Practice, which can be considered the workbook or syllabus for this workshop or course, whatever its length. My book has been released by Inner Traditions International/Destiny Books in English and Spanish.


"Susan and I have co-facilitated several workshops. For me it is always an ecstatic experience. Her creations epitomize the true meaning of magic. They take us to new levels of consciousness, empowering us to accomplish goals we previously only imagined, to realize our deepest dreams."
-John Perkins, NY Times Bestselling Author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, Shapeshifting and The World is as You Dream It.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • Year Long Training Program
  • Workshops
  • Individual Healing Sessions
  • Ceremonies
  • Soul retrieval

For more information call 914-420-2523