About Yoga

Yoga is an ancient spiritual art and science that facillitates healing, growth and spiritual evolution. At Birth of Venus we teach a type of hatha yoga called Life Energy Yoga. This is a Kripalu based technique including elements of Kundalini yoga and Vinyasa. It emphasizes connecting with the Kundalini or divine feminine energy from mother earth as well as the Prana or divine masculine energy from the heavens. Connection to both are vital for healing ourselves and humankind. When we are relaxed and authentically interested, they each dynamically and healthfully flow in different ways through each of our vehicles of expression. Life Energy Yoga emphasizes working with the chakras or centers of spiritual talents in the energy body as well as the doshas (biological humours) and gunas (qualities). We learn about the strengths we embody in our chakras while healing, energizing and growing on all levels of being.


The practice of yoga has both a personal and global aspect. We need to work on our inner life as we heal our bodies and evolve emotionally, mentally and at the level of our souls. Yoga embraces ethical guidelines that address how we need to behave respectfully to others as we allow spirit to strongly, positively influence our actions. One of these guidelines is called ahimsa or non-violence. Ahimsa means that we must behave compassionately toward others, remaining centered in our hearts. Even if we feel angry we can choose to not act out aggressively in ways that will be harmful to others. We can resolve our old traumas and make better, respectful boundaries instead.  

Through the practice of yoga we connect to the kundalini energy and the prana and feel secure, held with care and know that we have everything that we need in this moment. Then we can be free to act with gentleness and connect to what we need without diminishing the quality of life of other beings. Even as our asanas or positions become more advanced, we come to know that they require the practice of advanced ahimsa.

Through a brave commitment to just this one practice we can change the world, as Gandhi did in India.



If all men can

in a moment

drop to their knees

in ritual prayer

or fear

opening to God

and direct connection

to mother earth,

why couldn't they

in each moment recall this

sacred rooting and resonate

with all life from this place of true perspective

standing, walking, remembering

their knees

deeply kissing

the soft dirt they share

with all beings?

-S. Wright



Our areas of expertise include:

Yoga for awareness

Yoga for back pain

Yoga for neck pain

Gentle yoga for all health issues

Yoga for anxiety and depression

Yoga for comfort

Yoga for evolution

Yoga for global transformation

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